How Spinning Bikes Helps To Get Daily Fitness for Woman?

In India, there are very high numbers of house wives who only do domestic work at home. For them, domestic work is the only exercise and the reason; most of them are going through with obesity and high fat problem. Due to the reason, there is very high number of breast cancer patients in India. So, here is a low cost solution for them to maintain health and fitness at home.

#6 Health Benefits of Using Spinning Bikes At Home

Spinning bikesOne can buy home spin bike (or can even group buy with neighbor friends) and start using it for daily at lest 30 minutes. There are many best home spin bike which provide good functionality and available at very low price. Spinning bike gives you lots of health benefits. Below is some of the benefits of using spin bikes, do read it.

#1 Spin Bikes are Suitable for all Age level

Yes, you can adjust the size of the spin bike according the height and weight. Almost all the top spin bikes provide customization option. In fact, it will be fun to use spinning bike at home.

#2 No Risk of Injury

If you use the spin bike with all proper guidance, and after reading the user manual, there are very less chance of being hurt while using it. So, it is super safe and good option to opt for fitness.

#3 Weight Loss

The most important benefit is you can lose some of the extra weight from your body. You can look slim and good. You can increase your heart beat and decrease the heart attack chance as well.

#4 Improves Joint Mobility

As mentioned above, it is good for all age levels. For oldies, who have joint pain problem, they can get rid of the pain via using spin bike. As in spinning bike, you can simply improve the range of motion of joints and all your joints will rotate while you use it.

#5 Stress Reducer

If you have stress or depression issue, you can try spinning bike, it help to ease stress at very much level. We have talked to many bike riders; they confessed that using spinning bike can reduce the stress level very much, even found in new economic foundation study as well.

#6 Improves Immune System

It defiantly helps you to improve your immune system as all your blood cells are circulated in body, though the effect will be quite low, but if you do this regularly, you surely can get better health and immune system.

These are the benefits one can get while using spin bikes. Especially for house wives, they can use this for daily fitness and to lose some weight as well.  You can try good branded spinning bikes which helps you to improve your fitness level.

Indian Govt Schemes to Cure Illness of Poor People

Indian Government has started various initiatives to help poor people (people with insufficient income) to continue their treatments. All of these initiatives are really commendable because a loss of human resources is not wished at all. More and more diseases are cropping up with the passage of time due to pollution, inappropriate lifestyle, ignorance, and due to many other factors.

indian government health programsHowever, a sigh of relief is that Government of India has initiated various health campaigns so that people can become well-informed and well-familiar about the signs and symptoms of various diseases, start treatments as soon as possible, and take help from various Government schemes. Can you recall polio or TB advertisements on TV?

Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund (PMNRF)

The PMNRF or Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund is there to provide relief to unfortunate families (on an immediate basis), whose members have been passed away in natural calamities, including cyclones, floods, earthquakes, and so on. It also works for the sufferers of serious accidents and riots. PMNRF also provides a great financial assistance to patients of less financial capability to get treated their major diseases at Government or PMNRF-empanelled hospitals to cover the expenses partially. Recently, Govt of india has released Rs.100cr for kerala’s flood relief.

Health Minister’s Discretionary Grant (HMDG)

HMDG is also a great initiative from the Indian government that stands for Health Minister’s Discretionary Grant. It is about a financial assistance to poor patients, having the family income less than Rs.1,00,000/- per annum and who are suffering from major illness and whose treatments are going on Government Hospitals or Institutions. This particular initiative alleviates the treatment or hospitalization cost in those cases, where free-of-cost medical facilities are unavailable.

Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi (RAN)

RAN stands for Rashtriya Arogya Nidhi. RAN has initiated its journey in the year 1997 that provides financial assistance to BPL (Below Poverty Line) patients, who are experiencing fatal diseases of liver, kidney, heart, and in the case of cancer etc. With this great initiative, poor patients can get treatments from a specialty Government hospital or institute or another Government hospital.

Cancer has become a threat to the whole world and to check this problem, HMCPF (RAN – Health Minister’s Cancer Patient Fund) is doing commendable jobs.

Another worth-mentioning health initiative is the Pulse Polio Initiative that had been started with an aim to achieve 100% coverage under the movement of Oral Polio Vaccine. Needless to say that it has achieved a great success throughout the years.

Diabetes is like a slow poison that affects and destructs most of the organs with the passage of time. The number of diabetic patients is increasing sharply and to control the further advancement, Government of India has started the National Diabetes Control Programme on trial basis in the year 1987 in the certain districts of J & K, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. Due to fund insufficiency, this initiative could be spread in the rest of the country. However, later the allocation of funds has boosted its strength.

Tuberculosis or TB is one of the infectious diseases for which around 1.6 million people lose their lives each year. It is estimated that two people die of Tuberculosis every three minutes in this country. However, The National Tuberculosis Programme has been working from the year 1962 to build an appropriate infrastructure to control TB throughout this country. Based on the review received, the government has initiated the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme.

According to Experts, Doing pranayama can cure many disease and help you to stay fit and healthy. Indian govt also promoting yoga to include in daily lifestyle. The Pranayama has lots of benefit which we can’t even think. We all must regularly join the yoga and do atlest pranayama and help to build healthy india.

How to Find the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Before sheet shopping, you should have all the information about it. It definitely depends on some of the reasons, but most consider egyptian cotton to be the best cotton sheets around.

Sheet Basics

Let’s start with the basics. There are many different factors to know about and first is material. When you go to the store to choose sheets for your bed, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the variety of material available.

Egyptian cottonA lot has been written about the best cotton sheets from the years and, truth be told, while many of us know we should desire them, we aren’t quite sure what it is that makes them special.

So, let’s start with the basics. Egyptian cotton is produces from the same plant as Pima cotton, but is grown in Egypt, where the hot climate helps produce a longer fiber that can be spun into very fine threads. The thread of this Egyptian is longer than any other, it’s also easier to connect it into sheets with high thread counts, which you may already know are more desirable because they tend to feel softer and smoother than, say, sheets with a 150-thread count.

Handpicked and stronger than other cotton types, Egyptian cotton is also more resistant to damage and dyed sheets tend to hold on to their coloring for a lot longer without fading.

Now here’s where things can get tricky when it comes to purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets. Some best Egyptian cotton sheets are:

  1. Everyday Sheets That Are Slightly More Luxurious
  2. 2 High Quality 1000-Thread Count Sheets
  3. 3 Chemical-Free Sheets
  4. 800-Thread Count
  5. 5 The Ultimate 1200-Thread Count

Below are the buying guide points explained in detail, hope our guide will help you to know more about Egyptian cotton sheets.

#1 Everyday Sheets That Are Slightly More Luxurious

If you want a luxurious set of pure Egyptian sheets but don’t want to spend much money on them, this set is the perfect compromise between practical and elegant. They come in seven shades white, sage, burgundy, ivory,  taupe, elephant grey, and silver grey — and, true to their lux pedigree, are dry clean only.

People who have tried say these comfortable yet warm sheets are worth the extra trip to the dry cleaner — and that their price makes them a steal. They come in twin, full, and queen, king, and California king sizes

#2 High Quality 1000-Thread Count Sheets

This 1000 thread count Egyptian sheet is very comfortable in all aspects from their single ply sateen weave, which is ultra-smooth, to their pretty 4-inch hem with piping. Sold in sizes including queen, California, full and California king sizes, these sheets stand out because you can snag them in rich, gorgeous shades like gold, medium blue, and sage.

#3 Chemical-Free Sheets

You may want sheets for any room of your house may it be guest room or want to stock up on several sets for your own room, this 450-thread count Egyptian cotton sheet is most comfortable for everyday use and affordable enough to use throughout your home. This 6-piece set, which is there in the shops in all sizes including twin, twin XL, full, queen, California, and California king, is chemical-free, comes with four pillowcases and is made from a unique sateen woven damask stripe.

#4 800-Thread Count

If you are the customer who only likes to purchase from branded companies, you’ll find Mayfair to be a popular brand you’ve likely heard of one that makes a reasonably priced set of 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets.

#5 The Ultimate 1200-Thread Count

These 1200-thread count pure Egyptian cotton sheet are the most comfortable treat you won’t regret buying. The minor detail even of stitch detail is regal and reviewers say this set is “really comfortable” and has “gorgeous detailing.” Are these the sheets you’ll use in your guest room? Probably not or yes maybe. Do they come in myriad colors? Nope, just ivory and white as well. But their quality, timelessness, and luxurious feel are the real disadvantage here.

So, these are some of the best cotton sheets that are available in the market which are so far followed as the best in the market which are bought by the people to compensate to the comfort ability of the person which is the main reason why people pay for the comfort and rest as it is something that gives peace and rest to the soul and body after all day things.

Indian Cabinet Approves Ayushman Bharat Scheme – Full family Insurance in Rs.2000 only

Under Ayushmann Bharat Yojana, Government of India to Provide health insurance to entire family at Just Rs.2000 ($30 approx.) for entire year. At such low rate premium of Modi care (health protection scheme), is all set to kick off as cabinet of Indian government has just given positive node to this scheme. As of now we are writing, all the Indian citizen can apply for this health protection scheme and take maximum benefit of this health insurance scheme.

Ayushman BharatFrom when will this scheme will launch?

The launch date of Ayushman Bharat scheme is yet to be decided by government of India, but most probably the scheme will go on the floor from August 15th, 2018. So, if you are Indian citizen or doing research on India or Indian government, do check this before you come to any conclusion.

As per the latest news, the scheme will provide health insurance protection to around 50lac families worth of Rs.5lac. You can also apply for this scheme, just get the list of documents required for Ayushman Bharat scheme and apply online.

What about the old schemes like RSBY and SCHIS?

There are two already exist schemes running by government of India (which provide health insurance to many). Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana (RSBY) and Senior Citizen  Health Insurance Scheme (SCHIS) will be summed in this new health insurance scheme (said by government of India spokesperson).

Which disease will be covered under Ayushman bharat Yojana?

As per the information, the government of India has finalised list of 70 preventive diseases and 30 terminal diseases to be covered under Ayushman bharat scheme. You just need to check the diseases list and go to the nearest hospital to get your treatment done. So over 100+ diseases to be covered under Ayushman bharat scheme, which is almost equal to any other private health insurance scheme.

Is this scheme really going to change the health sector of India?

Quite possible. As of now the current government of India has successfully implemented schemes like Mudra Bank Yojana, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan bima yojana, Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana which was similar schemes which was targeting common citizen of India and poor people of India. This government has take quite good steps for welfare of Indian poor class.

Many says Ayushman bharat scheme will change the health sector of India the way it has changed the Health sector of USA with Obama care. In abroad, medical treatment is quite expensive but in India it is not accessible to many citizen. So, India has genuine health insurance problem, hardly 1% of Indian may have health insurance.

So, yes Ayushman bharat may change the health sector of India, but it need to check how it will be Implemented.

How Govt of India Turning Health Sector in Shine – Do Read

Indian government is announcing more and more health protection and insurance schemes for their citizen. Recently, in union budget 2018-19, finance minister arun jaitley announced that government of India to soon announce the “Ayushman bharat” health protection scheme which will cover almost 50 lakh poor families of India. Under the first stage, the scheme will provide Rs.5 lac of health insurance for free to poor families of India.

health sectorThis is such a good health scheme that is almost followed by USA’s Obama Care. Even the local media calling it modi care scheme (on the name of Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi). This scheme is about to roll from May, 2018 and is about to change the future of Indian health sector. Subscriber can get treatment from government as well as private hospital under this scheme.

Apart from Ayushman bharat, government of India had launched 2 more insurance schemes 2 years back. Those two insurance schemes, Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Bima Yojana and Pradhan Mantri Suraksha bima yojana.

Under these two schemes, Jeevan bima yojana is cheapest insurance scheme for Indian citizen, while suraksha bima yojana is accident insurance which provides death benefits. Apart from that government of India had launched atal pension yojana along with this which was aiming to provide monthly pension of Rs.5000 (around $80) for person above 60 years.

In Pradhan mantra jeevan bia yojana, you will get persona insurance for yourself at Rs.330 per year and you will get Rs. 2lakh of personal insurance, isn’t it good? This is done by government of India and all Indian citizens can subscribe to this insurance scheme via their bank accounts.

Another same scheme with different purpose, Pradhan mantra Suraksha bima yojana which provides Rs.2 lakh of accidental insurance at Rs.1 per month. Yes, just at rs. 1 per month subscriber gets 2 lakh of accidental insurance.

And both of the insurance scheme of government of India has got plenty subscribers and they are winning hearts all over India. Apart from this, to retain the health and fitness of Indian citizen, government of India and their state governments distributing hybrid bikes for students and ladies so they can use it for daily commute and get healthy as well.

If all these health schemes are well implemented, India will be soon healthy and happy country with 135 million faces. India is about to become the growth engine of the world and in coming years, India to become largest labour supplier.

Hope you have liked the information on health sector of India. You can share your comments below, thank you.

List of Exercise to Avoid Back Pain

Are you having old back pain? Many people have old back pain, which does not let him to sleep or nor to seat properly. It can create big issue to have back pain (especially lower back pain). So, here is our guide (which we derived from expert doctors after consulting him) to get you instant relief from back pain or actually you can avoid back pain. Here are some exercises which you can do to avoid back pain.

Exercise to Avoid Back PainAs per exerts, one of the best way to avoid back pain to keep your back spinal strong and flexible (this can be done only via regular exercise or yoga). Below list of exercise you need to do to avoid back pain, do check out.

#1 Back Traction

Doing back traction is one of the best thing you can do to avoid lower back pain. It is also called spinal decompression which reduce the back pain without even doing surgery. It is quite a drug free technique to avoid back pain.

Doing back traction at home is quite easy (though you need a guide to do back traction at home). Using latest back traction devices, you can stretch your back muscles or spinal decompression. We strongly recommend you to go to physician before doing anything related to back exercise (if you are already in pain).

There are many back traction devices available in market, which you can use to do back traction at home. Back traction is nothing but the block to put between two things and which generates your inner thighs and glute strength.

This is only advisable if your back muscles are strong and can carry all the load/weight. So, you can do back traction using back traction devices at home.

#2 Back Extension

Using back extension technique, you can strengthen the legs and back at same time. Though, it is easier than back traction but not much effective as back traction. You can get flexibility in your back using back extension technique.

This is one of the most easiest and simple way to do avoid back pain. You can also do back extension exercise in gym (if you are already going in gym), you can do back extension exercise using gym equipment’s.

#3 Cobra pose

Cobra pose, one of the yoga pose which you can do to provide flexibility in your back. It also strengthens your back (especially lower back), and opens the thoracic spine of upper back. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to avoid back pain.

These are some of the exercise, which is recommended by yoga teachers and expert physicians to avoid back pain. Hope our guide will help you to avoid back pain and live healthy and peaceful life. For more updates, keep visiting us.

How Indian Government Improving Lifestyle of BPL Family

India is known as one of the poor country in the world, but now the things are changing. Now, India is fastest growing economy in world. This change is also helping the changing life of people who live below poverty line (BPL). India has lifted almost millions of people out of poverty line. There is a change in lifestyle of poor’s in India. Here we are explaining few things about improvement of poor’s life in India, do check out.

Steps Taken to Improve Life of Poor in India

poor life styleIndia has no doubt improved in empowerment graph for poor people; there are few points which have changed the life of poor.


Since 2001, Government of India is focused to give free education to poor children’s in government schools. The education ratio in India is rising like never before in last decade. Government of India has invested more aggressively in primary school, schools, government collages in every district and what not. All this changes has made the education ration up.

Slowed down Population growth

India is world’s 2nd largest country after china to have largest population (and biggest democratic nation as well). Early in 90s, population growth of India was quite high and that has made the nation in first place of growth in population. But after 2000s, there is seen a drastic decline in population growth rate in India. Lesser population is helping government of India to increase the GDP and also helping them to provide basic facility to poor family.

Increased Employment

In last 2 decades, government of India has increased the foreign direct investment (FDI) in India, and that helped them to create more jobs in government/ public and private sector as well. Industries like Kitchen appliance (As per the official data, 73% of the households now have mixer grinder like appliances), service, insurance, home appliance, security service, education sector, IT sector, defence sector and other sector has created more and more jobs for Indians in last one decade.

Basic sanitation

With regards to UN, Indian government has got good financial support from World Bank to build toilets and to provide water facility to all households. Many states of India are already declared open defecation free in just span of 2 year. In fact, many movies are made on this to spare the awareness and government of India is targeting to get 100 % open defecation free by 2019.

House for all

The big reforms are done by government of India is providing house to all families of India by 2022. This way, all the 125 billion people of India gets more chances to get employment, better lifestyle and also, India will add more FDI in their cart.

Skill program

Since last few years, government of India has started program to provide training to those who wants to get job but lacking the skill. So, under the skill India program, they are training youth as per industries standard and they will get employment opportunity.

These are the some of the steps are taken by government of India for the poor or say below poverty line people to improve their lifestyle.

How to Choose Best Spinning Bike for Home?

A large number of athletes are interested towards spinning to obtain fitness. No doubt, the gyms are packed with individuals queuing for signing up for such class. An amazing fact is that spinning bikes is a figure-friendly exercise that encourages safe and rapid weight loss. Dieters are going to be pleased that a minimal hour of spinning could help one burn between 300 to 1200 calories along with the appropriate amount based on one’s age, gender, fitness level, and the chosen resistance levels.

buying guide spinning bikesDiscovering the Appropriate Bike

It might happen that the most dedicated and motivated athlete will be unable to bear expensive fees of the gym in future. Therefore, making an investment in one’s own spin bikes can be much advantageous, as it is going to help that person in avoiding the general limitation created by the climate and maintaining the work out as per one’s own pace.

As the Health and Fitness marketplace is reasonably overflowing with different types of brands and machines. However, it is important to put an extra effort and get aware of the advantages and drawbacks of each and every model prior to buying your cycle.

Requirements and Budget

The personal requirements of an athlete depend heavily on the machine type that the respective athlete will require. As an example, a person, who looks for a quick fix for losing weight without any type of long-term requirement for the particular bike, can go for a lower-quality one, though much inexpensive model. These are generally designed to endure for some years and they are best applicable to people, who have not created any plan to use it on the regular basis.

Whereas, dedicated athletes might wish to obtain a sturdier and further reliable cycle that is designed for heavy-duty utilization. They might be more expensive; however, if they are appropriately taken care, then such kinds of bikes can easily last for many years.

Important Considerable Features

On the contrary linked to other stationary bikes, not every spin cycle is involved with attributes like heart rate monitor, display screen, and the likes. Actually, spinning machines seem to be more straightforward, with the fundamental models that are providing no feature more than the pedals, saddle, and handlebars. If your budget is not high, then you can surely buy a fundamental model.

Nevertheless, most of the users might feel that the additional features are more encouraging for their exercise sessions. For an instance, a display screen is handy, as it offers fitness-related readouts associated with the likes of distanced covered, calories burned, and such other details.

An essential and considering item is the flywheel. A large number of users might ignore such item; however, it is really the most crucial part of the spin bike. The flywheel provides momentum and it really engages the muscles into the exercise session. For that reason, fitness experts generally recommend having heavier flywheels.

Comfort is a vital factor that should be properly considered. For more information, you can refer various websites. After understanding all the features properly, you can choose an appropriate spinning bike for your home.

Women Empowerment Steps Taken By Govt of India

Indian cultural history associated with very mature as well as long roots that can be discovered back to many years. As per the belief of the Scholars, ancient Indian women had experienced uniform status with that of the men in every aspect of life.

Women EmpowermentHowever, the status of the women begins to decline during the time of Smritis. In this period, women lost their right for studying the Vedas. Domestic lives or marriage becomes mandatory for women. After the significant ups and downs, in the British era, the status of the Indian women starts elevating for sake of great social reformers – Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Annie Besant to name a few.

In the Indian post-independent era, various essential steps have taken for the women; however, education, poverty along with health and safety are some of the challenges in the progress. Such issues should be specifically targeted in order to achieve the desired results for the women empowerment.

Some of the important measures that have taken on this sensitive issue are as follows:

Ministry of Women and Child Development

It has been initiated as a Ministry of Human Resource Development’s department in 1985 for driving the women and children’s holistic development in this country. In the year of 2006, the particular department has been provided a Ministry status along with the authority of formulating policies, plans, and programs; amends/enacts legislation, co-coordinating and guiding the attempt of both the governmental and non-governmental organizations that are working in the Women and Child Development field.

Some of its initiatives are ICDS or Integrated Child Development Services – A complete package of an array of services like health check-ups, supplementary nutrition, and immunization. The women empowerment is incomplete without their health and safety and the specific Ministry is constantly working to provide them.

Swayamsidha Program

It is an incredible integrated scheme taken for the women empowerment at a complete cost of Rs. 116.30 Crores. The Ministry of Women and Child Development have implemented this scheme. Heart of this particular program is the women self-help groups’ establishment. Their skills and awareness have been significantly increased. The specific program is going to benefit around t 9, 30,000 women with the arrangement of up to 26,500 village societies, 53,000 self-help groups along with 650 block societies.

National Commission for Women

It has been launched on the occasion of International women’s day in the year 2010 by the government of India with the goal of strengthening the all over processes, promoting the overall growth of women.

The particular Commission has the instruction for strengthening the important inter-sector convergence along with facilitating the procedure of coordinating the socio-economic development and welfare programs for the women across the departments and ministries. This Mission has its aim to impart a single window service. It is for all the programs that operate by the Government for Women under the sponsorship of different Central Ministries.

Numerous schemes are initiated to fulfill the women empowerment mission, such as Poverty Alleviation and Economic Empowerment of Women, Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme, Short Stay Home For Women and Girls (SSH), Mid Day Meal, Assistance to States for Feed and Fodder Development and lots of others.

Which is Safest City for Women in India? – Top 10 Cities

Indian social structure has been regarded as purely male-dominating structure. Many women, who are received higher status in the ancient scriptures, were bound to remain inside the house as well. Nowadays, women are very much conscious about their rights by acquiring higher education, achieving the high-qualified posts on a number of the Indian government as well as private sectors.

safe for womenWomen have proved their eligibility and efficiency. It is a very good sign for the betterment of the economic growth. Nevertheless, with the increasing count of crimes, the image of this society is in the Danger Zone or we can say it is already in it.

A solo woman from the foreign lands requested to visit India on her own risk; however, what about the Indian girls and women? They also think many times prior to land in some of the cities in India. How can they forget about the 2012’s Delhi Gang Rape, various horrible acid attacks or verbal sexual assaults etc? Therefore, it is important to make a comparison between the Indian cities based on their crime basis along with the safety rates. If you are shifting to another city for job posting, family re-shifting, or marriage, then you have to note down the information that is specified below:

As per The Wall Street Journal Reports, Rape is the most usual crime that is committed on the Indian women. The Indian state that is in the top place in the crime rate is Jammu & Kashmir and it is followed by the Central India. The top cities in which rapes have occurred in larger numbers are Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra (according to a 2011 statistics). After the incident of the 2012 Delhi Gang rape, the Rape rate has been increased unbelievebly in the Indian Capital.

After the tragedy of December 2012, the hike of the rape rate can be visible on the chart as a form of the figures from the major Indian cities. The respective chart is a comparison of the data that has been recorded of 2013 and 2014 year. It represents Mumbai and Delhi in the danger zone.

In the overall crime rate against the women from 2012-13 in India, the scenario is Delhi is in the top place in Rape and Dowry Deaths, Tamil Nadu records larger number of the immoral trafficking and Uttar Pradesh associated with the higher count of kidnapping cases and lots more crimes against the women that have been shattered in many cities.

The cities that are best for living in are Vadodara (1st), Surat (2nd), Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, and Chandigarh.

Various other cities are also worth of living; however, the above ones are the best in the India. In India, the top crimes are Domestic Violence, Dowry, Sex-selective abortions, Rape, Arm Trading, and Drug Distribution. The major Indian crimes are against the women; therefore, as per the statistics, women are safe in a particular city implies that the rates of crime are lower.

The strict implementation of the Law is very important to stop all these.