United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

UNIFEM South Asia Office


First joint project with UNDP, Colombo on Women’s Inheritance and Property Rights (2007-2008).


Through a joint initiative of UNDP and UNIFEM on HIV women’s inheritance and property rights initiated in Africa it was agreed to launch creative responses to the issue initially in Africa and later Asia. The initiative in South Asia seeks  to bring together the strengths and advantages of UNDP and UNIFEM in addressing HIV/ AIDS. Working in collaboration with the Global Coalition on Women and AIDS, the joint initiative aimed at addressing the underlying gender inequalities that promote inequitable access to inheritance and property for women. The prime objective is leadership, commitment and capacity developed, to bridge the gap between progressive constitutional law and practice (Nepal) and for strengthening the support mechanisms for positive women to access their legal entitlements in property and inheritance (India). WIPR initiative is partnered with INP+, Sathi All for Partnerships, Lawyers Collective.