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Implementation of the UNIFEM Railways

The railways project witch was supported by NORAD project was operational from 2003-2006. It institutionalized gender focused strategies to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in India. The site of intervention for the project was the Vijaywada division of Indian railways. The HIV prevalence rate of Andhra Pradesh, where Vijaywada is located is among the 6 high prevalence states of India. UNIFEM supported on strengthening the capacity of the Indian railways in gender sensitive counseling services for preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS within the sector for enhancing the understanding about the fundamental link between gender and HIV/AIDS as a strategy to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in India.

Baseline surveys and KABPs surveys, community need assessment exercises were conducted for designing the project intervention (Link to reports)Interventions were made at all levels railway schools, hospitals, trade unions, training institutions, mahila samities etc which served as crucial entry points for gender sensitive and multi sectoral response for HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment. The key achievements of the project was reaching out to 20,000 string railways community and general population using the railway infrastructure in the south central zone of Indian railways. The key interventions were lead through peer counseling, out reach programmes, trainings in a male dominated sector and raising their awareness on such a sensitive issue.

As part of the Advocacy strategy for the replication and up scaling of the UNIFEM railways project a  satellite session was held at the Bangkok AIDS Conference.

More information on the railways project here. (Presentation).

Nepal delegation visited the gender and HIV programme in India in 2006.