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Radio Program Samajhdari

Radio Program Samajhdari _ Episode 05: This episode deals with the issue of marital rape. We address a new dilemma in each episode and the dilemma for this is "if I do not visit sex workers and am loyal to my wife, then shouldn't my wife be ready for sex whenever I want?" The case study that this episode raises is that of Kulbahadur Shankar of Sindhupalchowk, who thinks that it is his right to have sex with his spouse as per his wish. Different views of people are collected based on the question "are you married? Can you easily express your sexual desire with your partner?" through random telephone call-in. Story of a married couple Karna Kumari Shrestha and Kalu Shrestha is played as a success story. This couple respects each other's sexual desires and they don't put pressure on each other.  

Advocate Meera Dhungana and Psychologist and Counselor Ganga Pathak are invited as studio guests to analyze the intersection between VAW and HIV with regard to the issue of marital rape. The intersection is analyzed on the ground that if the sex between husband and wife is not in mutual understanding, husband may want to have sex with his wife without her consent and even seek other women outside of marriage for sex. This is a risk factor for HIV transmission. The lack of negotiation skills in sexual relation, which also includes condom negotiation with husband, is putting wives at higher risk of HIV transmission. This episode has tried to address the patriarchal mind-set of men who think that women should be ready for sexual relationship whenever men desire. It tries to convey the message that women need to have control over their own body and its desires. 

Radio Program Samajhdari _ Episode 07: This episode introduces HIV and its linkages with VAW. This episode raises the concern of a lay woman Saraswoti Karki of Makawanpur who is a happily married woman and thinks that HIV is not the matter of her concern. Different views of people are collected through random call-in based on the question "who should be more conscious about HIV? Male or female?"  In addition, different people are asked if they know about HIV and how it transmits. The story of Radha Acharya of Dang is incorporated as a story of success. Even though she is a single woman, she talks about STIs, HIV and AIDS freely in her society, despite of all criticism. Now her society realizes the necessity of knowledge on these issues people are very supportive to her these days. HIV and AIDS expert Dr. Sushil Shakya and PLHA Rita Sharma are invited as studio guests to analyze the intersection of HIV and VAW.  This episode clarifies that everyone should be aware of HIV, AIDS and VAW and how the intensity of discriminations is high to women living with HIV and AIDS? 

Radio Program Samajhdari _ Episode 20: This program addresses the issue of VAW because of HIV status. Case study of Motikala Sarbuchha of Surkhet is included in the program. She is HIV positive and facing discriminations and violence from her own family. "What are the differences between the behaviors faced by HIV positive male and female?" is the question that is asked to people via random telephone call in. Change story of the same Motikala Sarbuchha is included as a success story. HIV and VAW expert Sarita Karki and Women's Right Activist Prabha Pokhrel, as studio guests, analyze the intersection between VAW and HIV.  The studio discussion, various stories and cases and various voices of people clarified that yes women with HIV and AIDS are facing more discriminations and violence than that of men.