United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM)

UNIFEM South Asia Office

Audio Tapes

Saarthak with support from UNIFEM South Asia in collaboration with Zonta International has developed a series of six self help cassettes for women survivors of violence; the tool has been developed in English as well as in Hindi and is called “Dare to Dream” and “Sahas Ka Safar” respectively.  The cassettes explore suggestions for outgrowing the pain of violence and surviving.

I DARE - The first cassette in the series talks about how violence is common and happens in many families. It talks about various forms of violence, their impacts on thoughts, feelings and actions. We understand the cycle of violence and together look at ways of breaking away from violence. 

I SURVIVE - The second cassette in the series talks about how it is difficult to break away from violence, though it is not impossible. It talks about methods that may help us to finalize our decision and the importance of planning and breaking down the problem into smaller steps. Together we will look at ways of overcoming obstacles and begin to live again.  

I LIVE - In the third cassette of the series we will discover a method of regaining control of life after breaking away from violence. It talks about ways to deal with memories of the past and address our fears and apprehensions of restarting life. It talks about the impact of violence on children and ways to explain the situation to them. We will also talk about reconciliation and the grounds that one might set for that.

I BELIEVE – The fourth cassette in the series talks about ways of outgrowing the pain that has been carried over from the past. Sometimes the impact of violence continues long after the violence is over. In this cassette we will talk about helpful methods of dealing with the impact. We will learn to challenge our negative thoughts and cope with our negative feelings.

I GROW -  The fifth cassette will explore how to plan for the future and rebuild our relationships and our ability to sustain ourselves. We will talk about how rebuilding trust is difficult, but it is possible to get to know people again. We will learn to confront our fears about new relationships, new beginnings and patters from the past.

I DREAM - The sixth cassette helps rediscover our ability to enjoy. We will talk about celebrating our survival and enhancing our belief in our abilities. We will talk about ways of helping others. “ I Dream” is a celebration of our journey towards dignity, control and hope.