List of Exercise to Avoid Back Pain

Are you having old back pain? Many people have old back pain, which does not let him to sleep or nor to seat properly. It can create big issue to have back pain (especially lower back pain). So, here is our guide (which we derived from expert doctors after consulting him) to get you instant relief from back pain or actually you can avoid back pain. Here are some exercises which you can do to avoid back pain.

Exercise to Avoid Back PainAs per exerts, one of the best way to avoid back pain to keep your back spinal strong and flexible (this can be done only via regular exercise or yoga). Below list of exercise you need to do to avoid back pain, do check out.

#1 Back Traction

Doing back traction is one of the best thing you can do to avoid lower back pain. It is also called spinal decompression which reduce the back pain without even doing surgery. It is quite a drug free technique to avoid back pain.

Doing back traction at home is quite easy (though you need a guide to do back traction at home). Using latest back traction devices, you can stretch your back muscles or spinal decompression. We strongly recommend you to go to physician before doing anything related to back exercise (if you are already in pain).

There are many back traction devices available in market, which you can use to do back traction at home. Back traction is nothing but the block to put between two things and which generates your inner thighs and glute strength.

This is only advisable if your back muscles are strong and can carry all the load/weight. So, you can do back traction using back traction devices at home.

#2 Back Extension

Using back extension technique, you can strengthen the legs and back at same time. Though, it is easier than back traction but not much effective as back traction. You can get flexibility in your back using back extension technique.

This is one of the most easiest and simple way to do avoid back pain. You can also do back extension exercise in gym (if you are already going in gym), you can do back extension exercise using gym equipment’s.

#3 Cobra pose

Cobra pose, one of the yoga pose which you can do to provide flexibility in your back. It also strengthens your back (especially lower back), and opens the thoracic spine of upper back. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to avoid back pain.

These are some of the exercise, which is recommended by yoga teachers and expert physicians to avoid back pain. Hope our guide will help you to avoid back pain and live healthy and peaceful life. For more updates, keep visiting us.

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