Why Child Marriages Still Happens in India??

Marriage is one of the necessities of life. However, child marriage is a curse in the society. Every individual should tie the knot in the proper and mature age. Child marriage means two persons are entering into a new phase of life that is totally different in nature.

Child Marriages

The society should uproot this custom; otherwise, a healthy society cannot be built. Child marriage is involved with a range of drawbacks and some of them are discussed as follows:

Limited Education

Education is essential for all. However, for the curse of child marriage, the boy and the girl cannot get the appropriate education. A healthy society requires educated individuals. It is the vital responsibility of all the parents to get their child educated – irrespective of the gender. Without getting a proper education, if they are pushed into a marriage, then they will face lots of complications.

Insufficient Understanding

If two young-aged people are got married, then how can they develop the proper understanding about each other? For a successful marriage, it is very important to know each other appropriately. However, it cannot be expected from two immature persons to understand the mature things and yes, marriage is a mature relationship.

Difficulties in Performing Responsibilities

 Marriage is not only a ritual but also associated with a number of responsibilities. If a boy of minor age is married with a minor-aged girl, then both of them will surely face lots of difficulties in their life. The boy has to work hard and he will find it difficult to run the family. On the other hand, the girl has to manage all the household chores on herself and that will become a complicated task for her.

Compatibility Issues

Mental compatibility plays a vital role in a marriage. Many couples are dissatisfied in their married life only for lack of mental compatibility. It is natural that two minor-aged persons have different habits or perspective and if they are pushed to this heavyweight relationship, then their lives can be destroyed.

Becoming Young Parents

 If the immature boy and girl have become parents, then there lives become more difficult. The boy has to earn more and girl will not be a successful mother, as she is not aware of the concept of child upbringing. Therefore, young parents will face various complicated situations. Sometimes, the girl can experience physical issues during childbirth.

Financial Difficulties

As an outcome a child marriage, the boy cannot fulfill the needs of his wife. Because of his small education, the job opportunities will be also limited for him. Financial stability is important for running a family that can be difficult to achieve in the scenario of child marriage.

Every person should get the opportunity of learning so that they can tackle various issues effectively but if they get married in a minor age, then they will afraid to take positive challenges in life.

The custom of child marriage is practiced cultural, traditional, and religious beliefs that can paralyze the growth of a society. It must be eliminated as early as possible. In India, strict laws are there against child marriage.

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