How to Find the Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Before sheet shopping, you should have all the information about it. It definitely depends on some of the reasons, but most consider egyptian cotton to be the best cotton sheets around.

Sheet Basics

Let’s start with the basics. There are many different factors to know about and first is material. When you go to the store to choose sheets for your bed, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the variety of material available.

Egyptian cottonA lot has been written about the best cotton sheets from the years and, truth be told, while many of us know we should desire them, we aren’t quite sure what it is that makes them special.

So, let’s start with the basics. Egyptian cotton is produces from the same plant as Pima cotton, but is grown in Egypt, where the hot climate helps produce a longer fiber that can be spun into very fine threads. The thread of this Egyptian is longer than any other, it’s also easier to connect it into sheets with high thread counts, which you may already know are more desirable because they tend to feel softer and smoother than, say, sheets with a 150-thread count.

Handpicked and stronger than other cotton types, Egyptian cotton is also more resistant to damage and dyed sheets tend to hold on to their coloring for a lot longer without fading.

Now here’s where things can get tricky when it comes to purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets. Some best Egyptian cotton sheets are:

  1. Everyday Sheets That Are Slightly More Luxurious
  2. 2 High Quality 1000-Thread Count Sheets
  3. 3 Chemical-Free Sheets
  4. 800-Thread Count
  5. 5 The Ultimate 1200-Thread Count

Below are the buying guide points explained in detail, hope our guide will help you to know more about Egyptian cotton sheets.

#1 Everyday Sheets That Are Slightly More Luxurious

If you want a luxurious set of pure Egyptian sheets but don’t want to spend much money on them, this set is the perfect compromise between practical and elegant. They come in seven shades white, sage, burgundy, ivory,  taupe, elephant grey, and silver grey — and, true to their lux pedigree, are dry clean only.

People who have tried say these comfortable yet warm sheets are worth the extra trip to the dry cleaner — and that their price makes them a steal. They come in twin, full, and queen, king, and California king sizes

#2 High Quality 1000-Thread Count Sheets

This 1000 thread count Egyptian sheet is very comfortable in all aspects from their single ply sateen weave, which is ultra-smooth, to their pretty 4-inch hem with piping. Sold in sizes including queen, California, full and California king sizes, these sheets stand out because you can snag them in rich, gorgeous shades like gold, medium blue, and sage.

#3 Chemical-Free Sheets

You may want sheets for any room of your house may it be guest room or want to stock up on several sets for your own room, this 450-thread count Egyptian cotton sheet is most comfortable for everyday use and affordable enough to use throughout your home. This 6-piece set, which is there in the shops in all sizes including twin, twin XL, full, queen, California, and California king, is chemical-free, comes with four pillowcases and is made from a unique sateen woven damask stripe.

#4 800-Thread Count

If you are the customer who only likes to purchase from branded companies, you’ll find Mayfair to be a popular brand you’ve likely heard of one that makes a reasonably priced set of 100 percent Egyptian cotton sheets.

#5 The Ultimate 1200-Thread Count

These 1200-thread count pure Egyptian cotton sheet are the most comfortable treat you won’t regret buying. The minor detail even of stitch detail is regal and reviewers say this set is “really comfortable” and has “gorgeous detailing.” Are these the sheets you’ll use in your guest room? Probably not or yes maybe. Do they come in myriad colors? Nope, just ivory and white as well. But their quality, timelessness, and luxurious feel are the real disadvantage here.

So, these are some of the best cotton sheets that are available in the market which are so far followed as the best in the market which are bought by the people to compensate to the comfort ability of the person which is the main reason why people pay for the comfort and rest as it is something that gives peace and rest to the soul and body after all day things.

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