How Indian Government Improving Lifestyle of BPL Family

India is known as one of the poor country in the world, but now the things are changing. Now, India is fastest growing economy in world. This change is also helping the changing life of people who live below poverty line (BPL). India has lifted almost millions of people out of poverty line. There is a change in lifestyle of poor’s in India. Here we are explaining few things about improvement of poor’s life in India, do check out.

Steps Taken to Improve Life of Poor in India

poor life styleIndia has no doubt improved in empowerment graph for poor people; there are few points which have changed the life of poor.


Since 2001, Government of India is focused to give free education to poor children’s in government schools. The education ratio in India is rising like never before in last decade. Government of India has invested more aggressively in primary school, schools, government collages in every district and what not. All this changes has made the education ration up.

Slowed down Population growth

India is world’s 2nd largest country after china to have largest population (and biggest democratic nation as well). Early in 90s, population growth of India was quite high and that has made the nation in first place of growth in population. But after 2000s, there is seen a drastic decline in population growth rate in India. Lesser population is helping government of India to increase the GDP and also helping them to provide basic facility to poor family.

Increased Employment

In last 2 decades, government of India has increased the foreign direct investment (FDI) in India, and that helped them to create more jobs in government/ public and private sector as well. Industries like Kitchen appliance (As per the official data, 73% of the households now have mixer grinder like appliances), service, insurance, home appliance, security service, education sector, IT sector, defence sector and other sector has created more and more jobs for Indians in last one decade.

Basic sanitation

With regards to UN, Indian government has got good financial support from World Bank to build toilets and to provide water facility to all households. Many states of India are already declared open defecation free in just span of 2 year. In fact, many movies are made on this to spare the awareness and government of India is targeting to get 100 % open defecation free by 2019.

House for all

The big reforms are done by government of India is providing house to all families of India by 2022. This way, all the 125 billion people of India gets more chances to get employment, better lifestyle and also, India will add more FDI in their cart.

Skill program

Since last few years, government of India has started program to provide training to those who wants to get job but lacking the skill. So, under the skill India program, they are training youth as per industries standard and they will get employment opportunity.

These are the some of the steps are taken by government of India for the poor or say below poverty line people to improve their lifestyle.

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