Which is Safest City for Women in India? – Top 10 Cities

Indian social structure has been regarded as purely male-dominating structure. Many women, who are received higher status in the ancient scriptures, were bound to remain inside the house as well. Nowadays, women are very much conscious about their rights by acquiring higher education, achieving the high-qualified posts on a number of the Indian government as well as private sectors.

safe for womenWomen have proved their eligibility and efficiency. It is a very good sign for the betterment of the economic growth. Nevertheless, with the increasing count of crimes, the image of this society is in the Danger Zone or we can say it is already in it.

A solo woman from the foreign lands requested to visit India on her own risk; however, what about the Indian girls and women? They also think many times prior to land in some of the cities in India. How can they forget about the 2012’s Delhi Gang Rape, various horrible acid attacks or verbal sexual assaults etc? Therefore, it is important to make a comparison between the Indian cities based on their crime basis along with the safety rates. If you are shifting to another city for job posting, family re-shifting, or marriage, then you have to note down the information that is specified below:

As per The Wall Street Journal Reports, Rape is the most usual crime that is committed on the Indian women. The Indian state that is in the top place in the crime rate is Jammu & Kashmir and it is followed by the Central India. The top cities in which rapes have occurred in larger numbers are Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra (according to a 2011 statistics). After the incident of the 2012 Delhi Gang rape, the Rape rate has been increased unbelievebly in the Indian Capital.

After the tragedy of December 2012, the hike of the rape rate can be visible on the chart as a form of the figures from the major Indian cities. The respective chart is a comparison of the data that has been recorded of 2013 and 2014 year. It represents Mumbai and Delhi in the danger zone.

In the overall crime rate against the women from 2012-13 in India, the scenario is Delhi is in the top place in Rape and Dowry Deaths, Tamil Nadu records larger number of the immoral trafficking and Uttar Pradesh associated with the higher count of kidnapping cases and lots more crimes against the women that have been shattered in many cities.

The cities that are best for living in are Vadodara (1st), Surat (2nd), Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Visakhapatnam, and Chandigarh.

Various other cities are also worth of living; however, the above ones are the best in the India. In India, the top crimes are Domestic Violence, Dowry, Sex-selective abortions, Rape, Arm Trading, and Drug Distribution. The major Indian crimes are against the women; therefore, as per the statistics, women are safe in a particular city implies that the rates of crime are lower.

The strict implementation of the Law is very important to stop all these.

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