Women Empowerment Steps Taken By Govt of India

Indian cultural history associated with very mature as well as long roots that can be discovered back to many years. As per the belief of the Scholars, ancient Indian women had experienced uniform status with that of the men in every aspect of life.

Women EmpowermentHowever, the status of the women begins to decline during the time of Smritis. In this period, women lost their right for studying the Vedas. Domestic lives or marriage becomes mandatory for women. After the significant ups and downs, in the British era, the status of the Indian women starts elevating for sake of great social reformers – Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Annie Besant to name a few.

In the Indian post-independent era, various essential steps have taken for the women; however, education, poverty along with health and safety are some of the challenges in the progress. Such issues should be specifically targeted in order to achieve the desired results for the women empowerment.

Some of the important measures that have taken on this sensitive issue are as follows:

Ministry of Women and Child Development

It has been initiated as a Ministry of Human Resource Development’s department in 1985 for driving the women and children’s holistic development in this country. In the year of 2006, the particular department has been provided a Ministry status along with the authority of formulating policies, plans, and programs; amends/enacts legislation, co-coordinating and guiding the attempt of both the governmental and non-governmental organizations that are working in the Women and Child Development field.

Some of its initiatives are ICDS or Integrated Child Development Services – A complete package of an array of services like health check-ups, supplementary nutrition, and immunization. The women empowerment is incomplete without their health and safety and the specific Ministry is constantly working to provide them.

Swayamsidha Program

It is an incredible integrated scheme taken for the women empowerment at a complete cost of Rs. 116.30 Crores. The Ministry of Women and Child Development have implemented this scheme. Heart of this particular program is the women self-help groups’ establishment. Their skills and awareness have been significantly increased. The specific program is going to benefit around t 9, 30,000 women with the arrangement of up to 26,500 village societies, 53,000 self-help groups along with 650 block societies.

National Commission for Women

It has been launched on the occasion of International women’s day in the year 2010 by the government of India with the goal of strengthening the all over processes, promoting the overall growth of women.

The particular Commission has the instruction for strengthening the important inter-sector convergence along with facilitating the procedure of coordinating the socio-economic development and welfare programs for the women across the departments and ministries. This Mission has its aim to impart a single window service. It is for all the programs that operate by the Government for Women under the sponsorship of different Central Ministries.

Numerous schemes are initiated to fulfill the women empowerment mission, such as Poverty Alleviation and Economic Empowerment of Women, Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme, Short Stay Home For Women and Girls (SSH), Mid Day Meal, Assistance to States for Feed and Fodder Development and lots of others.

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